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Last for as long as you can in this bullet hell with your bearded party of rebels, the heroic Lim Poirier, the stoic Da McIver, the  expeditious Ah Marlowe, and the absurd Mo Berger. Dodge knives and more knives, amongst the enclosing mob as you make your way to Castle Trancelvania.  There your party hopes to overthrow the Wizard who has enthralled the populous in a deep violent trance.

And there may be a rock-pecking chicken or two to admire along the way. Enjoy the trip!

All feedback and comments are welcome! We had originally planned on having a boss-fight and a bit more in-game story, but these were less important features and got cut due to limited time. (p.s. In this version you "win" the game if you get far enough to the right where the game starts to lag below 60 FPS, or better yet, 30 or 10!)

Movement -- WASD
Shoot - Left-click
Aim - Right-click
Special Ability (use when your portrait is on fire) -- space bar
Switch character - press 1, 2, 3, or 4

This game was made for the Summer 2017 "My First Game Jam" by Dalton Hildreth (contributed programming & design; also not his first jam) and Amber Nelson (contributed art & design). This game uses the Godot Engine, and is under the MIT license as well. So, feel free to look at it on GitLab here: https://gitlab.com/fiblit/castle-trancelvania (One disclaimer about the source: Godot was learned during the course of this project, so the use of it was very disorganized.)


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Castle Trancelvania Win64 19 MB
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Castle Trancelvania Linux32 27 MB

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